Лидерству нельзя научить, ему можно только следовать!

Лидерству нельзя научить, ему можно только следовать!
Бухдрукер Сергей Моисеевич

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  Many jews took famaly names based on their trades, crafts and professions. Literraly "book printer" in german. Buchdrucker is one of the many family names derived from the printing trade.
  Jews have been gretly involved in the printing and publishing  of books since the first hebrow book was produced in 1475.
  The earliest record of Buchdrucker as a jew family name comes from Prague (Czechoslavakia) with the name of Benjamin Buchdrucker who wisited the Leipzig fair in 1676, to be followed by Moses from Frankfurt an der Oder, eastern Germany, who attended the fair in 1677.
  Names indicating occupation, profession or trade are widespread among most peoples, including the jews. The extensive range of jewish names coming from occupations illustrates the variety of their activities in all fields. 
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