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Welcome to our page.

 Hello! Welcome to our page!

Thank yo much, in the fact that you found time for  visiting  our site. In front of us it stands the task of organizing the advance in the territory of the former USSR, southeastern Asia (China, India...) and North America (USA, Canada). Within a year is created procedure and strategy of advance. Daily occurs testing this procedure and correction daily occurs. Now we are capable of organizing business with anybody that desiring to earn always and much. To us it is pleasant that Wagner precisely entrusted this work to us. We are pleasant that in the world no one approached on the effectiveness of  the products, which we propose to use. We are assured that the information, which we granted to you, will help you to solve the large part of your problems.
Special lubricating complex of firm "Wagner":
Motor Cleaner
Oil Stop
Universal Micro-Ceramic Oil
Eco Universal Oil Package
It should be noted that the cost of "Wagner's production" is incommensurably small in comparison with the obtained economic effect as a result of its application.
This complex is developed on the basis of the newest European technologies and equipment is intended for reduction in the expenditures on the operation and the maintenance, and so it is repeated for the purpose of the prolongation of its resource.
At the basis of the operating principle of additives the maximum decrease of friction by their introduction to the structure of metal and leveling off of the friction surfaces lies.
To look for a video presentation of special lubricating complex "Wagner" is possible after visiting to the page: videotape.
In Chelyabinsk lubricating technologies "Wagner" successfully adapt in the production process on by Chelyabinsk electrometallurgical combine (JOINT STOCK COMPANY CHEMK) from November 2004, on PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY "plant MINPLITA", JOINT STOCK COMPANY by "Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant" (CHTPZ), by Chelyabinsk the plant of metal structures (CHZMK), at the plant "STANKOMASH", by "Chelyabinsk the Tractor Plant" (CHTZ) and in many motor transport enterprises of city.
"Wagner's Production " is certified by the European association of the engineering supervision of Re1land- Westphalia (OTNRV) - by quality mark TUW, that confirmed by institute NAMI  CHIM & by laboratory GOSNITI at CHGAU are approved by the leading autos-producer Porsche, BMW, Mercedes.