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Additiv for diesel fuel

Additiv for diesel fuel
The catalyst of combustion for a diesel engine, biological дзеля and natural vegetable oil.
Additiv for diesel fuel fuel is a multipurpose combination for optimization of combustion, wear resistance, clearing, communication of water, protection against corrosion and improvement of the moment of flash.


Optimum and constant combustion, вследствии activation of speed of reaction,
More thin dispersion and uniform sequence of combustion,
Cleans a tank injecting the pump or the carburettor, inlet channels, the valve, a flute of piston rings and the chamber of combustion from adjournment, лакировки and засмоления, and prevents these processes at constant приминении, promotes thus to non-failure operation, faultless function of piston rings, higher compression and optimum capacity,
Reduction of deterioration in critical constructive elements as the injecting pump, the pump of a high pressure, an atomizer of injection and in the top part of the engine,
Reduces темпиратуру ignitions,
Prevents accumulation of a water condensate and offers excellent, anticorrosive protection owing to reflection of sour condensates of all metal parts.
Easier start,
The best acceleration,
The best combustion, reduction of the maintenance in exhaust gases CO, HC, NOx,
Higher degree of efficiency, thermal energy of fuel is liberated easier and better,
Easily rotating engine with more intensive combustion, the best process of combustion and the moment of ignition,
Softer, free from knock, work двигателяблагодаря superficially active аддендумам which pass under adjournment in the chamber of combustion, crack them and deduce together with exhaust gas, reduction of soot in engine oil,

Lower deterioration,
Greater capacities, owing to the best combustion and use of energy of fuel,
Lower deterioration, owing to optimum cleaning action and the active substances reducing deterioration,
Reduction of the charge of fuel approximately on 6-8,
Ideal Values of exhaust gases as value CO, owing to unique action, is considerably reduced.
Before filling to bring in capacities for storage.
Parity of a mix 1:1000

The admission on DIN/EN 590 on 1993 under 5.2.