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To diesel fuel Diesel-Additiv AF the Additive-antifreeze to diesel fuel Diesel-Additiv AF provides ann?O?o-antifreeze незамерзание and improves fluidity of diesel fuel and the black oils containing paraffin. Diesel-Additiv AF it is completely dissolved in fuel and it is in regular intervals distributed(allocated) on all volume, does not settle and interferes with stratification of diesel fuel during unlimited time. Physical and chemical qualities: Solubility: it is completely dissolved ов all kinds of oils(butters); Relative density (15°С): 0.83 u/ml; Viscosity (100°C): 16с/Ст; Temperature of ignition:> 55°C; Temperature of freezing: Б-5°C. Своиства: the Given product depending on the added quantity(amount) changes fluidity and temperature of freezing owing to change агломерационного conditions кристалов paraffin at decrease(reduction) in temperatures, and, hence, provides stable distribution of crystals up to temperature 27°С below zero. Full раскристаллизация paraffins occurs(happens) at temperature-34°C. A scope: the Fuel equipment and diesel machines(cars) of any designs. Use: Attention! The given product is necessary for adding in fuel or fuel before penetration of cold air. The given product should be added at temperature not below plus 5°С. At temperatures below plus 5°С it is impossible to guarantee absolute efficiency of action of a product. A parity(ratio) of components of a mix: 1:2000, thus it is necessary to consider structure and process of processing of fuel or fuel. A class of safety: 3.32c UN 1223 (specifications of the United Nations)