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Motor-Cleaner-the cleaner of engine Motor-Cleaner is a product of the maximum(supreme) technology for clearing lubricant circulations of engines, boxes of transfers and the units working with oil(butter). This refined combination of lubricant and cleaning components of high quality and substances influencing mud particles. In each engine the adjournment caused by a method of work and physical preconditions, Application high-quality synthetic lubricant are formed is material not can to prevent pollution иотложения. Consequence(investigation) is negative influence on capacity(power), calmness of movement, service life, profitability and an environment. Advantages of internal clearing of the engine; Eliminates(Erases,Removes) adjournment, tarrings and coking of engine oil in piston and маслосъемных rings, condensation of valves. As a result of application: · Improvement of compression, · Reduction of deterioration in piston and маслосъемных rings, walls of cylinders, · is much less than soot in a lubricant, · Optimum behaviour at cold start-up. · observance of ordered maximum permissible values on § 47а and § 47Ь, S1VZO, · the Reduced charge of lubricants and fuel, · Reliable and optimum Supply by Greasing of all greased details, · Protects all rubber and plastic condensation Optimum condensation is the precondition for full combustion of a mix of air and fuel (maximal use of fuel). It means: · Full capacity(power) of the engine at low need(requirement) for fuel, · Reduction of values of the exhaust gases, not burned down hydrocarbon of NANOSECOND, окись carbon WITH, dioxide of carbon СО2, nitric oxidations NOx, · longer service life of the catalyst, · Promotes preservation of the environment, · the Economy of production costs does not happen favourable pollution, also in older motors. Here as matters, that owing to устране