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Eco-Universal Oil-Package the Description on process Optimum components for oils(butters) are expensive. There, where a plenty of a product for the moderate price that products were competitive, manufacturers should be made at a choice of the basic oils(butters) and дестиллятов both their processing and addition of additives start with reasons of the price, and for the clear reasons provide only such quality of an end-product, that it(he) can correspond(meet) to normal loadings at work and to instructions of German industrial norm(rate). Modern specifications and classifications of manufacturers of cars and a number(line) of establishments on research of mineral oil show minimal requirements to quality of lubricants. High-quality lubricants of firm " Wagner " with technics(technical equipment) of smoothing of surfaces resist to this tendency to conformity to minimal requirements, and considerably improve a technical condition of mechanisms. Modern lubricants for engines and boxes of transfers consist of the complex(difficult) chemical compound including the basic oils(butters) and additional substances (additive). Traditionally used additives for reduction of deterioration cannot correspond(meet) to high requirements at a hard work and in the certain measure suppose deterioration. Thus, deterioration of details of the engine and a box of transfers is perceived as normal process. Whether you know what in automobile sphere about 97 all malfunctions of greased interfaces of details is connected with an inefficiency of lubricants? These malfunctions can be reduced on 20 at a correct choice of lubricants or by optimization of a compounding of oil(butter). Eco-Universal Oil-Package allows to reach(achieve) reduction of deterioration and to save fuel and the electric power. Further we wish to show you the scheme(plan) of occurrence of deterioration, and also technics(technical equipment) of smoothing of surfaces. The image of process of deterioration at initially greased rubbing surfaces at boundary and mixed т.