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Wagner's Production

"Wagner's Production” during the addition does not damage on usual additives to motor, hydraulic and industrial oils. Thus, is excluded the possibility of negative influence on basic oils or the uncontrollable working process under the extreme conditions.
Material is neutral and, therefore, it is not possible to consider it usual additive to the motor oil.
It should be noted that the cost of "Wagner's production” is incommensurably small in comparison with the obtained economic effect as a result of its application.
Besides the delivery of additives we can propose to supply to you standard oils and lubricants, into composition of which already enter the micro-ceramic additives of firm "Wagner". Possibly, precisely, this version will be necessary for your production.
Because of the unique properties the micros-ceramicist these oils exceed requirements for the productivity of the following standards and specifications: American petroleum institute CF OF YA/.SYU/SZH/ EC1 ACEA A3-98, B3-98, MB 229.1, VW 500 00, VW 505 00, Porsche, BMW.